So this is me. I’m an ant trying to reach for the table, AND the chair AND the television. Notice how small are the ant’s arms. There’s no way it can reach any of those things no matter how much effort she puts into it. Not on her own, not right now.

There are a couple ways the ant could reach all of it. She could (1) walk the long path, going after it, walking miles (for her!), climbing stuff, possibly falling a couple times until she finally reaches it, or (2) join forces with ants who also want to get to that spot and making a living stairs like ants usually do, afterwards dividin the prize as deserved, or she could (3) build her strengths over time until she becomes a bigger and winged ant, when she’ll be able to easily fly over to the table or any other goal.

But still she can not reach all of it at the same time. Clearly each of those items are in different direction, if it tries to reach all of them, the force in so many opposite directions will keep her exactly where she is, and no amount of suffering  or anger will help her reach any of it faster. It will instead, obviously slow the process down, for no suffering being can work at its full power.


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